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January 6, 2019
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May 17, 2018

3D Product Modeling

The benefits of 3D modeling in design is immediately evident. Granted... This is still a brand new area open for exploration. The ability to create pack-shots in a digital three dimensional space, has opened up a considerable amount of new possibilities in many other aspects. Of those... The ability to use them in web design: PTS Nutrition Website Design. Also greatly beneficial in print advertising: PTS Nutrition Print Advertising.

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Why choose digital?

The reason for the 3D renders was mainly based on deadline overlap. The packs would've been printed one week past the due date of the website design. With that in mind, I took it upon myself to render them out and use these instead of the final printed packs.
I am extremely glad I chose this route. The benefits of these models span far into the future (should the packs not change). These have the ability to be rendered from any angle, should a comp be needed, there-after they can be put in-situ without looking distorted. Added to this, the program used allows for animation and export to After Effects for additional editing and motion graphics. The possibilities are endless.


Gaba is a nerve agent. This is the company's best seller. To render the product was easier than all other products, due to it's simple nature. With that said, the final render was more than acceptable. I am very proud of this model.




Performance Fuel

PTS supplies a range of performance enhancements. This all forms part of the company's overall straegy. Performance Fuel is one of those products. Each one serves it's very own purpose,




IGF Whey

Aside from rendering these products, I was also in-charge of video edits, website design, social media content as well as marketing. The renders proved immensely useful in quickly and efficiently getting out quality content.





L-Carnitine is one of the best selling products of this range. It helps reduce body fat and give you that "extra boost". Having rendered shots, made it possible to edit to my hearts desire and get the right message across easily and as effectively as possible.



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