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April 16, 2011
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October 6, 2010

Corporate Identity


Pawsitive Pup is a company that was established with the sole purpose of training pups. :) I know right.... Not only to train dogs but also help owners understand how to treat their pets. A big open field filled with rampant puppies! Because dogs are awesome!


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Sean Viljoen Freelance logo designer johannesburg pawsitive pup

Understanding the brand and what the sole purpose is the company and its vision I gladly helped. Establishing an effective brand no matter the size of the brand. The logo in itself simple by nature however still creative and playful. A fun company that sells fun classes to equally fun people. My design as simplified as it is with careful font choice and color use still leaves the brand extremely approachable.

Good thought went into this and what the target audience would connect with.

Behind the scenes


The utter disgust at Comic sans is completely felt and similarly put out into the world. This logo comes close to that border. Although with purpose and intent. A brand that looks too classy to approach will undoubtedly scare away the potential target audience. For that very reason, a quirky yet professional design is what connects and brings in customers. Well thought out design with the focus more on business and potential clients rather than striking brand imagery.


Full color

pawsitive pup dog training logo design south africa full color

The logo makes use of a two-color pallet. One to put emphasis on the more important elements, the other to create a solid background that holds the main elements. A container if you will.

The logo is weighted with the text the main element. The icon and strap-line in line with each other. Assuring both top and bottom elements equally add to the main logo-text.

Color scheme

pawsitive pup logo design south africa color primary Sean Viljoen

Primary color

The primary color acts as a highlight for the most important elements. A light-hearted green that inspires fun and happiness. Similar to that of playing with a bunch of puppies :) Lime green when considered in terms of color psychology provokes back to earth and a happy outdoorsy look and feel.

pawsitive pup logo design south africa color secondary Sean Viljoen Freelance

Secondary color

The secondary color acts as a support for the primary color. Putting emphasis on the more important elements. The secondary color uses a navy blue to give the design a boot camp feel. Where play meets some serious training.

Icon vs Text

pawsitive pup logo design south africa logo design icon Sean Viljoen Freelance


The icon remains simple yet effective. Creating an army feel with the paw print the container of a badge to show rank. Simple yet completely open to evolution. two starts mean well done.

pawsitive pup logo design south africa logo text Sean Viljoen Freelance


The text makes use of a playful typeface. One that comes across as quirky yet fun. Immediately recognizable if it should stand on its own. A contrast of fun and playful versus serious and some hard training... Or a bunch of pups running amock.

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