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Web Design

OWLBTC(Pty)Ltd. is a company that focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash cloud mining as well as cryptocurrency mining hardware. Back in the day, a website served as a mere online presence. A reference for quick information. That has drastically changed in the last few years. A good website now houses a considerable amount of functional information, usable on a daily basis. Integrated automated commerce sites and tools to that can be used consistently.

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The build consists of a full e-commerce integrated shop. Sporting a great deal of cryptocurrency mining hardware and cloud mining contracts. As the nature of the brand is all digital the checkout allows for multiple types, of the bitcoin payments and full-on automation and stock control.
Considering a startup looking to get ahead in the market and jump on the trend while it's hot, the site allows for exactly that. Crisp and clean design based on the brand guidelines I created in the CI guide. Fully functional event tracking and SEO optimized content. The site makes use of a lot of techniques implemented by me to assure it grows as flawlessly as possible. Gaining good domain authority as early as possible.

Behind the scenes

I choose to fully customize a site as much as possible. This build is based on a theme, however, all CSS styling and layout is completely custom. This allows for much more affordable sites compared to fully coded PHP themes that are brand specific. Albeit not often seen as the most professional way to do it, the quickest and most cost-effective by far. There is a lot that goes into a site, far beyond what the eye immediately sees. Assuring all SEO standards are met and the site gets indexed as quickly as possible.


This is a full-on e-commerce website with a good amount of ever-changing products. the site deals with a good amount of costly products ranging anywhere from 20-300k. Bearing that in mind, security is detrimental to company success. There are a good amount of variable products. Each one with a separate variable image.
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg owlbtc Website design navigation menu
there are a good number of products on the site, each set up for back-orders and the easiest way to sell. Making use of a facebook pixel to automatically update all content that gets added and almost completely duplicate all products.
owlbtc bitcoin litecoin ethereum ecommerce website design sean viljoen
Each product is individually optimized for SEO, a rich snippet specifically created per item. All titles and meta keywords carefully crafted to rank on google. All products contain a good amount of descriptive content and SEO rich text. Beautiful images created per product.


Although this is a simple build. Each page has it's place and specific function. Not pumping the site full of content to hope for a ranking. Each page is built for the user with search engines in mind.


When it comes to new-age technology and any form of digital design or coding, responsiveness is an absolute necessity. What this means is that the site resizes completely based on the device you view it on. In the analytics for this site especially, mobile surpasses desktop by roughly 10% of all users. with 64% of page views occurring on mobile. Optimizing for mobile and tablets is a must if you don't want to lose potential buyers.
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg owlbtc Website design mobile responsive
The site is fully mobile responsive. Optimized for most devices. Also using Google's new AMP technology the site is user-friendly and sure to rank in regards to technical SEO.
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg owlbtc Website design tablet responsive
Given the ever-evolving handheld platforms, a site that isn't optimized for the majority of devices will greatly lose out. This site flawlessly goes across to tablets and a great deal of other handheld devices.

Off page SEO - Open Graph Markup

Adjusting rich snippets according to how Google indexes and adding image rich markup for all social media channels. This is a great way to say exactly what you want and fully customize any shareable content on the site.

owlbtc bitcoin website design johannesburg freelance sean viljoen google rich snippet
Having structured data and rich snippet markup on the back-end of a site greatly boosts a site's SEO. It gives search engine crawlers a good idea of what the site is about and joined with keywords as well as good meta descriptions, allows the site to be indexed for its niche.
A full sitemap on the snippet also allows users to get straight to the page they are looking for from a google search. Carefully crafted based on what the company wishes to accomplish. Part of this was keyword research and applying the right keywords to the right pages. With little to no backlinks and a low domain authority. All this work greatly helps a fresh website get off the ground effectively.
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg owlbtc Website design facebook open graph
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg owlbtc Website design twitter open graph
The above images show how the Open Graph markup allows for specific image use per page. Enticing visuals that are much more likely to get a click through from any social media platform. All text and headings are also fully customizable to suit brand requirements. Tailor-made for each social media channel individually.

Technical SEO - Page Speed

When it comes to technical factors, many developers highly disregard good load times. This, in itself, is a massive issue. Google appreciated bigger pages with quicker loading times. Well optimized sites also means that you have a much smaller likelihood of people leaving your page before it even fully loads.

Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg owlbtc Website design mobile speed
Google now puts a major focus on mobile page speed. Bringing out their own preferred mobile versions called AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages). Having a site that adheres to these standards with a higher than normal speed is paramount in getting to the first page.
This not only means that search engines will give you preference, but also that your estimated visitor loss is 10%. The majority of sites out there have an estimation of well over 50%. Immediately on-demand websites assure that you get the sale and serving the right information to the right audience is a recipe for success.

The images are snapshots from three different well-known page-speed tools namely, Google page speed insights, Pingdom tools & GTmetrix. Each of these shows amazing loading times with fully optimized content. Compressed CSS, Javascript and HTML files. Served from a better host such as cloud hosting these numbers would likely be much better.
These results are way above average. Most sites score below 50%. I have seen some websites for big FMCG brands score a mere 16%. This puts the site way above the majority. Making the site preferred over it's close competitors.

Analytics tracking

In-depth Analytics tracking helps to fully understand what goes on with your site, who uses it? where do they come from? What device do they use? All these factors can greatly aid in pinpoint marketing and alleviate any unnecessary marketing spend.
Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg owlbtc Website designer analytics
The Analytics is built into the backend. Easily accessible by either me or the client. This allows for real-time tracking, geographic analytics, device usage and event tracking. What this means, is that the site is fully customizable based on what users prefer. Using the analytics tracking to see bounce rates and adjust accordingly.

Site Security