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May 17, 2018
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer south africa Doppio Zero Social media marketing
Doppio Zero South Africa Social Media Marketing
November 29, 2017

Digital & Social Media Design


As freelance contractor at a company called Publicis Machine, I was assigned to work solely on Mercedes-Benz South Africa. Brought in to alleviate the workload, my term spanned for three months, helping ease into a massive transition the company was going through.

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Mercedes Benz South Africa

As a senior digital designer, I was tasked to create artwork ready to go live. Amongst the already well established MBSA templates, I pushed to add to the agency and brand as a whole.

The job required me to not only focus merely on basic graphic design and image creation/editing, yet also required me to do some video editing, motion graphics and illustration work. All the work showcased below went live and ran for the duration of the campaign. These are only some of the artwork produced while I was there.

X-Class launch


As a team, we created the full digital launch campaign for the Mercedes-Benz X-class. This included social media content, in-stream videos, mailers and web banners. The below showcase some of the work produced.


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Promoted Post/Tweet


Generic posts that were boosted to reach the right amount of engagement. These were all uploaded to the relevant channels and pushed via paid media. Well crafted to serve each channel.


Mercedes Benz X-Class Facebook Carousel

Facebook & Instagram Carousel

Carousel ads are an amazing way to showcase a set of images in one single post. With the right visual care and some well crafted copy from skilled wordsmiths. We created an an appealing piece of content that is set to get engagement and click through.

Facebook Canvas

A great way to engage an audience.. While contracting at Publicis and working on Mercedes-Benz I realized the awesome potential of canvas ads. With the ability to create a fully immersive experiences without the need to leave Facebook. This in-turn, helped me see social media marketing from a whole new perspective.

Instagram profile

Creating a puzzle of images, each broken up into different sections and finally coming together to create the full creative. This was done in 9 different separate posts and planned out progressively come together as the final artwork on Mercedes-Benz SA's Instagram profile.

Mercedes Benz X-Class Instagram Profile Single
Mercedes Benz X-Class Instagram Profile

Facebook lead Gen ads

Lead-Gen ads are generally quite simple yet extremely powerful. Assuring, rather than just a post with a website click-through. Your ad has the ability to allow consumers access to web forms, quote requests and many other features. The design follows the previous artwork and allows even more lead extensions.

Mercedes Benz X-Class Facebook Lead Ads

Mercedes Benz X-Class Emailer

HTML mailers

Visually creating mailers, ready to be coded by simply slicing psd docs. This mailer helped add to the massive marketing push and create awareness on the soon to be launched car. I created similar launch mailers for the A-class and numerous other Mercedes-Benz specific products and messaging.

Project One


A little Fandome never hurt anyone. This started as a Proactive brief before I started at the company and soon turned into a full-on project. I won't complain though... We created some eye candy for the AMG Project-One. An amazing Hybrid that breaks the boundaries.


Facebook Canvas - Illustrated Icons

As part of the canvas, I hand crafted these icons to the car's spec. The steering wheel is an exact illustration of the steering wheel inside the Project One. As for the rest of the icons, each was individually crafted as an introduction to the amazing features. This was part of a set of 10 more canvas specific icons.

Mercedes Benz Project One Website Design

Website & HTML mailer

The website and mailer are similar in look and feel, one of which with more information. The site is purely focused on showcasing the AWE inspiring engineering that is... The AMG Project One. The copy was written by an amazing wordsmith, the idea by a fantastic team and the final design and layout followed great direction.

Video Edits


Some video edits and motion graphics created while I was on the project. Of which, some spliced edits with motion tracking and sound matching. The rest are Cinemagraphs with the slightest amount of movement.


Coming soon

Not all the content created has been released as of yet. This is a selection of some of the work, not all of it. I'll update as work goes live.

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