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May 2, 2017
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April 30, 2017

Digital Art


Linda Shaw is a well know Astrologer, these were some illustrations I made for her. Each one well researched and sketched based on the story behind the signs themselves. The Pisces symbol with a string in the mouth etc. This goes deeper than mere pictures. With each illustration as closely based on the true meaning as possible.


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Linda Shaw Astrology Digital Illustration Feature

Sadly... The project was cut short and the animations were never completed. Nevertheless... The ones I managed to get to came out more than perfect. Taking my inspiration from Tatoo-esque designs and adding my own spin on them. Linda is a well-known figure in the digital world for her articles and daily horoscopes.

The work was done for her new youtube channel and designed in such a way that they can easily be imported into after effects and turned into pleasing animations.

The Process


Seeing the process unfold is always a pleasing aspect. For that very reason... I have dedicated this section just to sketches and pre-planning. This shows the entire process from start to finish.


Final Illustrations

The below images were the final results. Illustrations were done in layers to assure easy import into a motion graphics program for future animation work. Each one styled and colorized to suit it's message and original symbolic background.

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