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PTS Nutrition Print Advertising
May 3, 2017
Linda Shaw Astrology Digital Illustration
Linda Shaw Astrology illustration
May 1, 2017

Corporate Identity


Key systems is a company focused on South African security. Sellers of three niche security assets. Those being, Secure Asset Managers, The SWATBox™, and Tamper-Proof Key Rings. These are generally used for safes and in prison environments. The reason I created this logo was for a commissioned website I built, viewable on the site. I direct take from the previous American company. Not straying far from brand originality.


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The logo in itself makes use of very simple elements to bring the message across. Weighted based on the rule of thirds for the best visual appeal. This is a logotype that comes from an American design, the same way the site came to be. However, the color choice and all other factors were very much refined.

The logo in its entirety works as a full unit, inseparable, however, should elements such as the logo-text be used separately it will still remain a voice for the brand. Font choice a major asset to any form of corporate identity.

Behind the identity


Simplicity in design is key, minimal yet distinguishable elements. I incorporate this in all my work. Generally a process of over-designing and simplifying there-after. This way I'm sure there is some sort of concept behind the design while at the same time still remaining as minimal as possible.


Primary color usage

keysystems south africa logo design on primary sean viljoen freelance
keysystems south africa logo design on white sean viljoen freelance

To convey a clear message. That of trust and similarly technology, the primary color was based on a mixture of both darker blue hues create trust where-as lighter blue creates a sense of technology. The color pallet takes from both and establishes itself as the in-between. The primary color puts the positions the brand exactly as intended.

Icon use

keysystems south africa logo design sean viljoen freelance

As this is a company solely based on the net, icon usage become quite a necessary aspect. With that, the swoosh combined with the first letter of the company name creates an easy to read favicon. similarly, the element can go across to multiple other elements always pointing back to the brand.

Black & White

keysystems south africa logo design black on white sean viljoen freelance
keysystems south africa logo design white on black sean viljoen freelance

Even digital companies are not devoid of paperwork and the admin that forms part of any venture. This logo quite easily assures it goes effortlessly onto all forms of printed material. With the understanding that the majority of in-house printed material will be in black & White. Similarly catered to not distort or become lost in the media type.

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