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January 9, 2017
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Corporate Identity


Brand Bible Design is the basis of any successful Corporate Identity. I can't stress the importance more. Any company looking to grow and establish themselves effectively in the market needs a well structured, well thought out visual guideline. This guideline assures visual consistency and assures professionalism across the board.


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The Brand Bible formed part of the over-all rebranding done for Hoosen Wadiwala. This was the major drive for brand consolidation. Assuring any and all future creative work done for the company follows these exact guidelines.

Among this was logo orientation, exact pantone color usage. Best practice for print advertising etc. A Brand Bible is an ever growing piece of design material, as the company evolves, so does it's visual identity. This is a fantastic basis from which to start however.

Behind the identity


There is a considerable amount of thought that goes into Brand Establishment. This such as... What color to use and how this (in regards to color theory) connects to your desired audience. How do they receive it, what does it make them feel etc. This guide helps to create a professional guideline for any and all future marketing material.


Brand Bible introduction

These pages don't necessarily require an explanation, however... The more professional the design elements, the more likely anyone who uses the Brand Bible is to take it seriously. I clear index helps to get to the most relevant parts as fast as possible and without hassle.

Tone of Voice & Brand vision

The above images display the brand's tone of voice, mission statement as well as lays a solid foundation for the brand. This consolidates the brand's purpose and sets guidelines for what the company looks to achieve. Generally, this part I struggle to get filled in as the client often times becomes too busy. However, this part is paramount to the final Brand Bible design.

Logo Development

This is perhaps one of the most important parts of any Brand Bible. The Logo is the face of the business, the first thing consumers connect with and how they recognize you over your competitors. Careful planning assures any successful brand.

These guidelines clearly stipulate how the logo should be implemented across the board. From safe space usage which can be seen in both print and digital to Logo best practices. What may be done and what should be avoided at all cost when creating any and all marketing material.

Color Usage

Color is one of the most important aspects of any established company. Assuring exact pantones are used across all material and guidelines are strictly adhered to. With thorough thought behind the design and a good understanding of color psychology. This gives us the ability to connect with our consumers on a sub-conscious level. Why does the artwork make you "feel" what you feel?

Font Usage

Choosing a font for a company is a seemingly simple task. However... Every aspect of design has a role to play in the end-product. Consider for instance using a font meant for "Friday the 13th" on "Valentine's day". Or any subsequent font that has no place in the final tone of voice. This is the task of any and all Font choices in brand establishment. All elements come together as one single entity.

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