Sean Viljoen Freelance south africa Haute Cabriere Social media marketing cover
Haute Cabriere South Africa Social Media Marketing
April 18, 2016
Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg Dopio Zero Fresh film campaign
Doppio Zero Fresh campaign film
February 12, 2016

Digital Design


Haute Cabriere Franschhoek South African vineyard & wines web banner design to show the beauty and craft of each drink. A number of designs that span across a lot of digital channels. These banners were only some of the artwork done in a time-period of around 1 year. This also accompanied all social media imagery for any and all campaigns.


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Sean Viljoen Freelance south africa Haute Cabriere web banner design gallery

A prominent and elegant brand that supplies Southern Africa with some of the most exquisite wine. The banners are all meant to match. I did a number of digital banners for the brand. The ones listed here, however, were page specific imagery design for each section on the website.

Using relevant visuals to communicate the page content creates interest in the actual web-page as well as makes the writing that much more interesting. Great visuals that bring out the brand essence and distinguishes from any and all competitors.

Banner Ads


Each banner has a specific use, a content specific piece of communication. Finely crafted just as the wine is.


All the above banner designs were a collection of many other images created while working at my previous agency. These were a collection of images gathered over roughly 1 year. This shows brand consistency and a need to constantly uphold design quality standards.

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