Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg party Glitchy Scratchy show flyer design
Glitchy & Scratchy show EP3 flyer design
March 21, 2015
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Flying Fish Print Advertising
February 27, 2015

Below the Line


The Glitchy & Scratchy show is a Johannesburg Glitchop party. An underground genre with much to offer. The flyers were done in to launch the party and create some hype, this was the predecessor to the design for The Glitchy & Scratchy show EP3.


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The artwork is Dark and Grungy to set the mood for the event. The flyer was set up for a shoot, (this was my ex-girlfriend in-fact) with a pick-ax and a television. The television as with the show in the Simpsons is a constant element.

The shoot was set-up and the artwork fully adjusted. These were all the distributed across Jozi and this artwork was sized for all relevant social media channels.

The shoot


A keen eye for images. The better the photography, the less editing is required. A combination of photography and design.


The shoot required a certain amount of shots to get the preferred look. This was all done by me and later deep-etched. A mix of photography and image editing. Generally, I prefer doing this as it assures the exact look and feel I'm going for.

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