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August 8, 2015
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Doppio Zero videography, a well known South African restaurant chain with some of Johannesburg's most unique food. This project was done as part of a pitch. The idea is that we show the entire Doppio Zero experience. Unfortunately, we lacked the right camera equipment for the job however, the idea remains strong and with better execution would undoubtedly be a massive success.


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The big idea


In a space of roughly two years working at a company that ran all Doppio Zero social media channels. Initially, when we landed the client, this was one of the concepts that got them to sign with us. Unfortunately, due to budget constraints it never went live.


This is what the edit looks like from the Chef's perspective. We took the entire journey and turned into a POV journey. Starting with the patrons entering the restaurant, being seated and placing orders, we switch to the waitress that gives the order through. We then see the drinks being mixed behind the bar.

We finally switch to the Chef and see as he puts the entire meal together. The idea is awesome and with correct quality, cameras would undoubtedly do amazingly well. Showing the entire Doppio Zero experience and what goes on behind the scenes.

Motion Graphics


Adding some form of animation to any type of video edit greatly adds something truly unique to the final video.


The final logo fade in was a combination of particle explosions and object linking. This can be used across the board rather than just on the current video.

Motion graphics and animation add a whole new level to any video. Either a full-on animated video or just a partial logo fade-in or something that lasts for a short duration. These have a massive impact on how professional an edit is perceived and also how much work went into the final product.

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