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Twilight v10 South Africa Festival after-movie
March 12, 2017
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Antigravity media logo design
February 27, 2017

Web Design


CVRight is a Johannesburg based company that focuses on custom-made resume's and setting up social platforms that assure candidates get a foot in the door. LinkeIn re-skin and completely customized CV's that stand out from the rest. The site above and beyond payment and CV submission has plenty of other elements that act as informational guidelines.


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Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg CVright Website design

The website makes use of a subscription system to not only sell custom made cv's and give users access to specific areas of the website but also to gather good leads for future re-marketing. The website was one part of an entire start-up package I offered. Included in this are the website, SEO, logo design, business cards, brand bible and other forms of brand collateral like e-mail signatures etc.

This is a fantastic way for a start-up to get off the ground properly. The site itself acts as more of a housing for useful information, aside from the membership and resume submission. A simple build with ease in mind. Only the most relevant information on demand.

All the right credentials


Rather than using a pre-built fully customized template, I used a premium theme and fully customized all elements therein. This allows for the exact brand-specific design we were looking for. A cost-effective way to stay within the bounds of good web design ethic and updated theme files and plug-ins.



Sean Viljoen Freelance digital designer johannesburg cvright Website design subscription

With much thought, the most obvious solution to the CV submissions and payment plans was to set the entire website up as a subscription service. This, in turn, creates a secure place for any of the user information to remain on the site, not accessible to any outside visitors. This allows an upload area where users can actively submit any info that could help in setting up the best documents to suit their needs.

This also allows for the lead generation and direct marketing. Getting the right information and creating a sense of community within the site. This comes in useful for mailers and updates on current company events.



The website is set up to be as simple as possible. Straight to the point and catered for anyone looking to either get some more information or get their CV up to date.




Mobile devices are in a total way surpassing desktop. with some studies showing way over 50% of all users viewing sites on mobile devices compared to the latter. To have a site that isn't responsive in this day and age is a massive flaw and the estimated visitor loss is likely way beyond acceptable.

Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg cvright Website design responsive mobile

The website is completely optimized for mobile. Not only re-sizing per device but also compressed enough to suit search engine requirements.

Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg cvright Website design responsive tablet

Tablets are a close competitor to mobile devices. The website is optimized for portrait and landscape use on the majority of tablets an larger screen hand-held devices.

Off page SEO - Open Graph Markup


Understanding the basics of SEO and structured data, the ability to create keyword specific rich snippets and the Schema Markup is a massive advantage for any website. This is currently somewhat new to SEO and greatly boosts any website.


Sean Viljoen Freelance digital designer johannesburg cvright Website meta information

Schema markup is still a relatively new addition to SEO. This does, however, allow users to tell search engines exactly what the page is about and have it displayed as that. With the amazing ways in which Google now display certain sites, this is a massive advantage that assures your site not only gets indexed properly but also gets shown where it matters most.

Similar to that of typing in a keyword related to a shopping item and receiving a list of products with images straight on the search. That is the purpose of this Markup. To set you far aside from your competitors.

Sean Viljoen Freelance web designer johannesburg cvright Website opengraph facebook
Sean Viljoen Freelance Website  designer johannesburg cvright opengraph twitter

The above images are examples of what can be done using Open Graph information specifically structured per social media channel to get the most effective reach based on how consumers interact on different platforms. This also gives the website the ability to use custom made imagery and page descriptions that are much more likely to get a great click-through rate.

Technical SEO - Page Speed


I have heard talk of people who dabble in SEO say that technical factors don't do much for SEO. I believe the complete opposite, however. There is a reason Google has created their very own page speed tools. Bigger pages with quicker load times are generally preferred over the mass amount of slow websites out there. In comparison, with as good a backlink system as your competitor has, the one that will make it to the top will undoubtedly be the one that has it's technical factors set-up correctly.


Sean Viljoen Freelance designer johannesburg cvright Website speed google mobile

They say build for your audience, not for search engines. As true as this is, hitting two birds with one stone is by far the best possible outcome. A load time of 5 seconds on mobile not only assures a tick on the google checklist but also a greatly reduced visitor loss.

We live in an era of immediate gratification, where websites are popping up left, center. Unless a site has information detrimental enough to wait for the page to load, users are extremely unlikely to wait around until it does. A recent study shows on average a 7-second gap before users close your tab.

The above images are snapshots of tests run on the site. Well, know page speed testing websites, Google page-speed insights, Pingdom and GTmetrix. All three of these show insanely quick page loading times, these can quite easily reach close to 100/100 with a little extra work. The site is mostly tested abroad in places like Australia and Sweden and still retains amazing speed.

The results are by far above average, smashing any competition looking to rank the same as this site. With a marketing push and some SEO tactics, the site is made to take over the entire niche.

Sean Viljoen Freelance web designer johannesburg cvright analytics


Assessing both your geographic as well as the psychographic page traffic will give you insights into whether or not your efforts are landing up in the right place and how to cater for any future consumers. The analytics is built into the backend of the cms, allowing easy access to all information immediately.

Site submission

Both Google, Yandex, and Bing(Yahoo) have their very own webmaster dashboard. This is where all site information gets submitted to, telling search engines your site exists and giving them instruction on how to index it.

Site submission requires 3 things... A sitemap that holds all information and the entire link-structure of your website. Secondly, a webmaster verification code that gets inserted into the header of your page, telling search engines exactly who it's linked to and lastly a file containing all robot crawler instructions.

This tells search engines exactly what to crawl and what to leave out of indexing. This is often overlooked in web design and is a massive error. All these are some of the most important factors in SEO.

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