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Flying Fish Outdoor Advertising
February 27, 2015
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BP Metro FM Music Awards Outdoor Advertising
February 14, 2015

Above the Line


BP South Africa is one of the Metro FM Music Awards' biggest sponsors. We created a campaign for the awards, one that integrates both brands and creates hype for the event. Driving sales in store and giving customers a chance to win some cool stuff!! These were some of the print ads created for the campaign. Beyond these we also did a full airport elevator wrap as well as some billboards around town, viewable here: BP Metro FM Music awards outdoor advertising


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These ads are predominantly... or should I say "exclusively" focused on a culture rich, purely African target audience. If it doesn't make sense then the likelihood that you aren't the target audience is quite big. My role on this project was full on art direction and management. I came up with the big idea, with help from my copywriter, of course, oversaw the entire shoot, edited and assured all artwork was print ready and also sourced the best printing company.

The ads were rolled out on above the line channels, showing the local celebs in their natural habitat. On their way to the award ceremony.

The adds


Using local celebrities that had the highest chance of winning an award, we set up a shoot day. The "big idea" was to show the celebrities on their way to the awards and also turn the local BP into and awards show. Showing red-carpets and flashing lights. Some innuendos on the actual lyrics in the songs that some of the zalebs sing.

Sean Viljoen Freelance johannesburg BP Metro FM music awards print advertising oskido

Due to the nature of the ads, the use of the target audience's most loved celebrities, a drive to win in-store as well as ideas focused directly on the right consumer. The campaign was a massive success. The driving force behind a good concept is the connection it creates with the end-consumer, the human truth that lives in the message conveyed.

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