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May 27, 2017
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PTS Nutrition Print Advertising
May 3, 2017

Motion Graphics


Agricolleges International video edit and motion graphics to launch their new e-learning platform. A company focused on agriculture and teaching students the much need skills for crop cultivation. This video edit was a bit of a rush job. An overnight edit for the next-day launch. A successful launch indeed.


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The launch


The launch was scheduled one day before after the video needed to be completed so I did an overnight edit and pushed it as far as I possibly could in such a short space of time. The edit made use of motion graphics in the form of moving text.


The initial brief was to communicate a great body of text in a visual way, initially, I was told a college would suffice... I don't do collages... So I created this edit to properly explain everything that needed to be communicated. Rather than a full-on instructional video, I did a short edit, only picking the most important information.

The next day the video rolled out flawlessly and got a great response. The video was from a free to use stock site. Keeping in mind I was only supplied a word document to go on, ending up with a full edit is undoubtedly a massive win in my book.

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