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Logo Design

Zareena Kara Properties

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    Zareena Kara Properties
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    Graphic Designer
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    Logo Design

Designing Brands that last

Logo Design & Brand Establishment

A Logo design project done for Zareena Kara Properties, a well know South African Real Estate company. Drawing inspiration from architecture, the resulting design showcases both simplicity in the final elements, yet hints at form through negative space.


Taking care of all your property needs

Branding that Establishes Strong Brands


Tasked with designing a logo that accurately showcases the companies niche market, yet also retaining enough simplicity to allow for easy brand application.

My role was to research the industry, and generate a design that speaks directly to the target audience. Something that remains elegant, yet intriguing at the same time.


Taking inspiration from architecture and the use of fluid shapes. I made use of the negative space within the final design to create an element that remains simple in essence yet portrays exactly what the company offers.

Sometimes simplicity is the best form of communication.

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