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SynergERP Digital Business Solutions

Branding & Visual Identity

Branding & Corporate Identity Design created for SynergERP; a company that has excelled in the digital business solution space for almost 30 years.

Contracted as Freelance Brand Specialist by Faben. I was tasked with reworking the current brand identity to align with Sage's new brand overhaul.

Brand Specialist
Corporate Identity Design
Faben Marketing
6 days

Helping businesses thrive in a digital era


Intially tasked with establishing brand guidelines that compliment Sage's recent identity overhaul.

This also finely honed in on the over-all use of SynergERP assets, and explored how what's been done to date could be applied in a manner that remains consistent, enticing and relevant to the digital space/audience all design & marketing material is crafted for.


The final outline explores in greater detail how all aspects are applied across most media platforms.

Taking into account my initial task of aligning both brands. I further explored the general neccecities included in a semi-intricate corporate Identity. Outlining brand application and further exploring most types of brand collateral.

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Logo Guidelines

Finely honing in on the brand's newly established and diverse color palette. I put together guidelines that explore in greater detail how the logo get's applied across the color scheme as well as establishing the general guidelines for appropriate logo application. This included the logo safe space, accents and how we apply the brand in unison with Sage.

SynergERP CI Design logo guidelines
Color Palette

As is standard with most brand outlines I create, I put together a set of pantone specific swatches. Making sure all creatives or marketers that work with the brand use the exact swatch outlined in the document. This formed a combination of brand specific colors that are used as accents, and a seperate palette to be used as either backgrounds, supporting elements or typography.

SynergERP CI Design color palette

The brand had a pre-selected typeface used on all their marketing material. This was not always evident and mistakes do happen. With that in mind, I put together a section that clearly communicates the preferred brand typeface, font size and application across headings and bodycopy. A sure-fire way to create communication consitency.

SynergERP CI Design Typography
Brand Collateral

Finally exploring how the newly created styling translates across most of the brand material. This section explores in greater detail how all the elements previously outlined come together to form the final artwork/s as a whole. This covers print application, email signatures and the like.

SynergERP CI Design print application