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Successful Brands

Brand development, and over-all brand guideline design for Performance through Science. The standard for any company looking to develop a strong initial footprint. Establishing the ground rules for brand growth, and the foundation that sets any company up for success.

Setting up the guidelines assures full brand consistancy across the board. Assuring all design and marketing teams are on the same wavelength.

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Brand Identity Design
Performance Through Science
8 days

Performance is a science


Tasked with multiple projects for the semi-newly launched brand, I took to setting up the guidelines that all other creatives as well as myself can follow.

These guidelines gives the basic fundamentals of working with the brand and takes most of the guesswork out of the equation. Assuring consistancy throughout all design and marketing material.


The final document has clear guidelines for proper brand application. This includes what may be done and all limitations that would negatively affect the brand.

In essence, the brand bible is the go-to for all creatives. This is likely the first point of contact any designer gets with the company before they kick off any projects.

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Logo Application

One of the most important factors of any brand is it's logo, and how it gets applied. Clearly setting out guidelines for appropriate logo use assures the company's most valuable asset is always showcased in the most professional manner.

PTS brand bible design Logo Application
Logo Guidelines
Color Palette

Staying true to the hue. Setting up a color palette that is Pantone specific allows any-and all material crafted to retain one of the brand's most noticible aspects, the brand's specific color palette.

PTS brand bible design color palette
Color Application
Font Use

All elements are carefully selected to work in unison. Equally, our brand font/s are selected to portray a specific message. The guidelines help assure appropriate application across the board.

PTS brand bible design Typography
Image Treatment

Opening the brand up much more, the image guidelines assures both the "type" of image used is as well as the application remains brand specific. This establishes consistency throughout all brand material that goes public.

PTS brand bible design image guidelines
Image Guidelines
Verbal Identity

Aside from how we visually apply the brand; How we communicate verbally holds equal value. This includes the company's tone of voice, and how we communicate to our preferred audience. A great reason to get to know the end-consumer better.

PTS brand bible design verbal identity
Verbal Guidelines
Digital Guidelines

Once all brand specifics have been established, we see how everything translates when combined. This sections brings all elements together and sets stage for digital exploration.

PTS brand bible design Logo Application
Digital Application