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Logo Design

Noble Gentlemans' Jewellers

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    Gentlemans' Jewellers
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    Graphic Designer
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    Logo Design

A Showcase of Elegance

Logo Design & Brand Establishment

An elegant Logo Design created for Noble Gentleman's Jewellars. As a bespoke brand, that relies heavily on visual communication directed at the more refined target audience. Simplicity was the determining factor to how the final design comes across. In conjunction with a simple but strong brand message. The ring signifies the promise of forever; So does the design showcase the sentiment of eternal.


The promise eternal

Establishing an Elegant Brand


Briefed on refreshing-and-refining the company's current logo and brand identity design.

Creating awareness for a growing and driven vision. That meant showcasing exactly what the service offering is, rather than being overly conceptual. Hinting at concept rather than making the idea the main focus.


Considering the company's initial goal of showcasing services clearly; and equally keeping in mind the brand's "essense". The resulting artwork holds true to both requirements.

Using the wedding band/ring as the main design vehicle, the toroidal shape relatates back to the promise of marraige, two oppisites of one whole. A simple but powerful emblem.

Noble Jewellers Logo Landscape image
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Noble Jewellers Logo black & white Image
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Noble Jewellers Logo sketch image
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