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Brand Identity Design

Noble Gentlemans' Jewellers

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    Gentlemans' Jewellers
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    Graphic Designer | Brand Specialist
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    Brand Identity Design

Bespoke Gentleman's Jeweller

Corporate Identity Design

Contracted as a freelance brand specialist, I was tasked with creating the newly launched company's corporate identity design. The CI took the logo design I crafted and further explored the brand as a whole. Setting the groundwork for a successfull company with a well established visual identity. Further giving all visual marketing material a sense of profesionalism and consistency.


Rings for the modern man

Branding & Visual Identity


Noble is a brand that supplies bespoke wedding rings to the modern man. A sleek design for the man refined.

As a newly established company at the time. I was initially tasked with crafting a logo to mach the their vision. Beyond the initial branding, the project further explored how it gets applied and with that how all other elements may be used in accordance.


The final book clearly stipulates the guidelines for professional brand application. A starting point to assure any individual that works with the marketing material does so in a way that accurately showcases profesionalism.

The final result was a document that could be referred to and alleviate the headache of figuring out the design style. The basis of growth for any brand.


Visual Identity

Establishing all visual elements and the guidelines for appropriate logo and icon application. The section explores in detail how the logo sits on marketing material, and further explores sizing as well as general layout guidelines for appropriate visual application.

Noble Jewellers CI Design Logo Application Image
Icon Application

Color Palette

The color palette has been finely selected, and Pantone specific to assure consistancy through all shades. Explored enough to have a selection of brand specific hues. Both joining a base primary color palette as well as a supporting color scheme. Working in unison to create a final selection that compliment each other.

Noble Jewellers CI Design color palette Image
Color Palette

Typography Guidelines

Establishing a selection of fonts that retain brand specificity. The section explores all typographic variations and how these may be applied across the board. Both the primary, as well as the supporting font come together to compliment final brand message.

Noble Jewellers CI Design Typography Image

Image Treatment

Beyond the brand basics and the general elements, the image guidelines sets the tone for what type of visuals get used, as well as how we treat these. A basis for keeping all visual communication relevant and brand specific.

Noble Jewellers CI Design Typography Image
Image Guidelines
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