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Brand Establishment

Hattingh & Deysel are some of South Africa's top Tax & Payroll Accountants. To help showcase their profesionalism, an equally profesional apperance is needed.

This was accompanied by a brand new, custom website design to further relay their message and equally generate a new base of clientelle. Together, the result made for a powerful visual presence, as well as a digital presence that creates trust.

Graphic Designer
Logo Design
Hattingh & Deysel
4 days

First impresions last an eternity


To showcase elegance and profesionalism with a clean and niche specific design. To further drive the impression of an established brand, and equally create trust by means of a clean visual identity.

The task in it's simplicity...
Refreshing the current brand image and advissing on the best way forward, retaining current clients and opening up to a larger audience.


When succesfull brands are disected, it's easy to see what makes them tick. A collection of visual assets that showcase quality. Combined with the right strategy and decent marketing efforts, it all comes together as one single entity.

The direction greatly relies on two factors, font use, and color scheme. These set the tone for a memorable logo design. Simultaniously, not devoid of detail, and yet still busy enough to remain appealing.


With great emphasis placed on brand assets to make up the visual identity. The logo further expands to all other types of marketing material. Making for an expandable CI.

A design sure to remain memorable and with that... Last for years to come.