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Logo Design


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    CommuniKem South Africa
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    Graphic Designer
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    Logo Design

CommuniKem South Africa

Logo Design & Brand Establishment

As the company slogan states, the core of the brand is highly focused on community. The core idea is to make health, and chemists more approachable, and human centric. The idea being that each individual is unique, and rather than give out generic medication, the focus is on the individual and meeting their individual and unique needs.


Serving Community Health

Establishing an impactful brand


Conceptual design generally far outweighs graphics with the sole purpose of pretty-ness. The goal was to accurately relay the brand's essense, and rightly doing so through subtlety.

The brand's messaging i.e "Serving community health" needed to be showcased in the best possible way.


Merging both the medical aspect, as well as the community centered messaging. The design combines the well known medical symbol with that of people coming together. Each forms the final logo as a whole and accuralety showcases what the company stands for.

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