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Corporate Identity Design


  • Client
    Faben Marketing
  • Role
    Graphic Designer | Brand Specialist
  • Service
    Corporate Identity Design

Crypto Expchange Platform

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity design created for Altalix, a UK based Crypto Exchange Platform. Contracted as Freelance Brand Specialist by Faben. I was tasked with putting together a document that explores the brand in greater detail. Establishing the foundation of all future marketing material and assuring consistency across all design assets that is showcased to the general public.


Your gateway to Crypto

Branding & Visual Identity


As an already established platform, the objective was to craft the initial guidelines for all digital brand collateral.

This went across to social posts, paid ads and animations. Creating a unique and brand specific look & feel. Further Establishing brand recognition and establishing the foundational brand aspects that could be elaborated upon.


The resulting document serves as the basis for all artwork that gets released to the general public.

A way of ensuring consistency throughout all design material. A survival guide if you will that all creatives may refer to. The fundamentals of any successful brand.


Color Palette

One of the most prominent aspects of the brand is establishing a pantone specific color palette. Each option well researched specific to the message we wish to communicate. Either brand specific, informative, or actionable. The seperate palettes make use of color psychology to assure the final message is delivered in the most impactful way possible.

Altalix CI Design Color Palette Image
Color Palette
Altalix CI Design Color Palette continued Image
Color Palette Gradient

Typography Guidelines

As a precurser to any brand mismatch. Clearly establishing the typeface insures synchronicity across all digital artwork. Easability of use in a digital space plays a massive factor. The section clearly outlines font treatment and sizing for all major platforms.

Altalix CI design Typography Image
Typography Application
Altalix CI design Typography Continued Image
Brand Typeface

Image Guidelines

The initial reason for crafting the brand guidelines was to assure appropriate and consistent image application across all social platforms. This is where all previous sections come together to form the final artwork. Establishing both color use based on the message being relayed as well as the font treatment and logo positioning. Applied either to allustrative execution and general image use.

Altalix CI design Image application Image
Image Guidelines
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