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Linda Shaw Astrology

Commisioned to create a set of digital illustrations and conceptual sketches for Linda Shaw, a well known, and in-tune South African Astrologist.

Diving deeper into the meaning of each individual star sign. the result was a set of illustrations that aptly showcase each star sign, and the deeper meaning assigned to them.

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Approached to create a set of illustrations that would be used on her Youtube channel. Each illustration serves as a placeholder for the specific star sign covered in her forecast.

Theze were to be done as stand alone vectors that can easily be applied, and further animated should the possiblity present itself.


With a significant amount of research into the origin of each sign and the visual representation of them. I generated a set of sketches that delve into the deeper meaning of the icons. An example would be Pisces represented as two fish connected by a golden thread.

Due to time constraints the project was unfortunately cut short. The results are well worth showcasing though.