Restaurant Photography Campaign Grosky's

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Venue Photographer

Grosky's Restaraunt

Tasked with doing the venue photography for Grosky's, a classic South African Pub & Grill.

An accurate depiction of a great time with family and friends. The shots were done in conjunction with a brand new website, as well as the food photography. The Restaurant relied solely on word-of-mouth up until this point. With these shots and the final site, the end-goal was to reach a much wider audience and get feet through the door.

Freelance Photographer
1 day

Eat | Drink | Chill


In an attempt to show both the place as well as the delicacies served. The shots were added to a site to establish credibility.

Showcasing a place where people come together, and enticing new customers to come see for themselves.


A showcase of a venue where people meet. The end-result was a collection of photographs that accurately depict the restaurant.

These were further used on all marketing material to generate intirest, and reach an audience that was previously unreachable.