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A race for a cause

FNB Heritage run

Commisioned as a freelance photographer for the FNB Heritage run. I was stationed at the halfway mark to capture participants and accurately showcase the event.

The purpose of which was an absolute celebration of our heritage. A run in the name of remembering our roots and equally the journey we took to get here.

Freelance Photographer
FNB First National Bank
1 day

Celebrating the journey


An accurate capture of a memorable moments. I was commisioned as one of the photographers to shoot the whole event, and the people who took part.

The race was held on Heritage day. The aim of which was a complete celebration of our roots and where we come from.


The final shots showcased some of the participants as well the entirety of the celebration. A coming together of diverse individuals that share a combined intirest.

The final shots showcasing a coming together of diverse cultures sharing the same celebration.