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Business Partner Awards

Vodacom Animations

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    Motion Graphics

Business Partner Awards

Event Motion Graphics Design

Animation and Motion Graphics I created for the anual Vodacom Business Partner Awards Ceremony. The final exports were played on a massive curved sceen, for the audinence that was present. A get-together that celebrated some of the best in the business. Driven by making a diffirence.

PTS Coach Animation Placeholder

Infographic Animations


Project Description

Celebrating The best in Business


Tasked with creating animations to be showcased on a massive curved screen on the day of the awards. Showcasing the growth of the company and honoring those who excelled.

Showcasing a hefty amount of information in an easy to consume format.


The animated infographic showcased growth till this point, an array of numbers arranged in an easy to take in animation.

The remaining animated videos all inbetween sections needed throughout the final video played on the evening.


Event Anouncements

Large format/screen Animations

As an adition to the infographic which served as a way to celebrate growth; I was also tasked with creating videos to announce winners in each catagory. This was played on a large, wide screen on the day of the event.

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