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Website Design

Mauritius Tourism

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    Mauritius Tourism
    Meropa Media
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    Digital/Web Designer
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    Front-end Web Design
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Mauritius Tourism

UI/UX Web Design

A custom build I did for the official Mauritius Tourism.
A site built with both visual austetic and functionality in mind. The final results, nothing short of worthy. Without question, one of my favorite project to date.


Project Description

Mauritius is yours to explore and experience


In collaboration with Meropa communication, the brief was clear. A website that'll grab attention both visually as well as through the over-all experience. With that said, given the nature of the client. A magazine type design style was applied here.

My role was both to design the website visually, and similarly do the coding required for functionality.


Visually impactful and enticingly colorful! A visual journey that's sure to stir even the slightest hint of excitement. The final design route I chose was flat with striking imagery. refined edges and clean application.

The most important aspect, the user journey. The site can be scrolled and explored seamlessly.

Mauritius Tourism Home Page Design Slider image
Mauritius Tourism Explore Page Design Slider image
Mauritius Tourism Explore South Page Design Slider image
Mauritius Tourism Experience Page Design Slider image
Mauritius Tourism Cuisine Page Design Slider image
Mauritius Tourism Bookings Page Design Slider image
Mauritius Tourism Event Calendar Page Slider image

Site Design

Project Result

Websites don't allways need to be overly complicated to be impactful. When design and code meet in harmony sites can still remain simple, clean and equally make a massive impact. When more thought is given to UI and UX which in turn is applied to design and development, we start seeing fantastic results.

With that said... My skillset, coupled with an excellent team made the project a massive success.

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