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Custom Coded

Immersive Digital Design

A custom coded website designed for Thubalisanda Marketing South Africa.

The final site sports an array of interactive elements. Allowing for an immersive and unique experience. As an agency with it's vision set on future thinking. The resulting build adequately showcases exactly that.

Front-end Developer
Custom Website Design
Thubalisanda Marketing
21 days

Full Service Marketing Agency


Tasked with designing a website that showcases the capability Thubalisanda has for future thinking. I took to a custom script to achieve what a CMS based site would have trouble achieving.

Creating a site that has interactivity in mind, as well as the capability for significant optimisation. A versatile build that is both small in resources, yet BIG in what it showcases.


The end-product is a fully interactive website that lures the user in. A dashboard if you will; showcasing a company geared for greatness.

The build sports an array of interactive elements, moving banners and page transitions that all combine to form an immersive experience.

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Immersive Animations

Taking full advantage of video banners, and page transitions... The site showcases an element of immersiveness. Making use of Ajax to create seamless site navigation; and an experience of app-based design.

Thubalisanda Web Design Animations
Animated Pages
Interactive Pages

Aside from animations that create motion. The final design also has numerous interactive elements. From scrolling the projects, all the way through the simpler pages. This gives adequate relevance to the pages that are often considered of less importance.

Thubalisanda Web Design Interactive
Contact Page
Project Showcase

As a company that relies on showcasing their capabilities. The project showcase equally aligns with the over-all styling. Creating a fun-to-use, and pleasing collection of their capabilities.

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Project Pages