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    Techpro Safari
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    Digital/Web Designer
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    Wordpress Web Design
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Web Design

Go where Adventure Leads You

Safari Website Design

For the love of exploration.

A fun and exhilitating build for TECHPRO Safaris. In colaboration with Social Animal. The website apropriatly showcases clean design with a level of intrigue. Simple yet effective. The over-all user flow and general user experiencehas been taken into consideration quite effectively.

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Full User Journey


Vehicles you can rely on,

Travel Designers you can trust.


My role generally consists of wireframing, prototyping, design and development. For this project however, my task was to follow supplied wireframes and execute to spec.
Assuring the final work accurately depicts the supplied prototype, and still retain optimal usability.

Great emphasis was placed on a highly customized look that is still lightweight and fully optimized for best performance.


Built using a highly customized CMS. For clients that Often times prefer Wordpress sites. A driving force for easy to update content. This generally also allows designers with limited back-end knowledge to take the site further should the need arise.

An important thing to note is that all code edits were done keeping the global spectrum in mind. Allowing admins to update the front-end without disturbing the aditional edits that make the site function fluently.

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