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Products for Performance

As a new brand looking to launch, I was tasked with designing an e-commerce store that showcased the product in the best possible light. Equally bringing to life a new venture, and establishing the initial digital groundwork.

As the packs were still in production, and the site launched as a precurser to rolling out the first bach. I took to rendering each individual one; booking out my laptop for a full day shoot. Project can be viewed here: PTS Nutrition 3D Modelling.

Digital Designer
Web Design
PTS Nutrition Performance Through Science
5 days

Product for Performance


As a company with a vision, and the means to make it happen. There was no time to waste.

My task was to work on the pre-existing CI of Performance through Science; and establish a brand that showcases the fine art of movement. A nutritional supplement with products on the way. It was Go-Time!


With no physical product, and a brand that solely relies on selling physical stock. I took to 3D modelling and generated a set of artwork that likened an in-studio session.

Bringing all elements together, the site was the end-point of all marketing efforts. All other aspects were done to send users to the here. And hopefully... close the deal.