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Products for performance

3D Modeling & Rendering

A set of product models crafted for PTS Nutrition, a company that specialises in nutritional supplements. A fresh brand looking to launch, with products on the way.

I was tasked with creating packs to showcase the final product as a means to start making sales and fill up the orders. This required not only the capability to create the packs, yet also to make them look as profesional as possible.

Digital Designer
3D Modeling & Rendering
PTS Nutrition Performance Through Science
15 days

Performance is a science


As a sub-brand to Performance through Science, PTS Nutrition had the sole purpose of supplying their own range of tried and tested supplements into the market to compliment all other areas of the company's vision. That of moving and pushing our limits.

In a fast-paced world, I had to act equally quickly to deliver a set of product shots that could go across to all other forms of marketing material.


Making use of Cinema 4D, with a few tracing add-ons. I took to creating a set of realistic packs that could be used across the board and rendered out for a number of applications.

Extending beyong the pre-requisites. The packs could be shot to the likeness of an in-studio session. Creating the possibility of on-the-fly photography, for all future campaigns.