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Performance Through Science Coaching

Competition Animation

To help promote PTS(Performance through science) cyclist coaching, We created this animation to be used for paid marketing across slected social media channels.

This was further used to generate leads, gain brand awareness, and incentivise website usage to up site popularity. The video edit pushed users to find 3 specific questions hidden in the text of the website.

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PTS COACH Performance Through Science
4 days

Train Smarter, not Harder


In an ever going drive for brand awareness, and lead generation. The brief was to create and manage a coaching competition campaign that tasked potential winners with a treasure hunt. Where the answers they need to enter lay hidden in the website's pages.

My role was to oversee all online aspects, and assure the message is seen by the right audience.


This meant creating the artwork, setting up paid adverts, monitoring results, to finally capturing leads and setting up email marketing campaigns.

Adding to the growing task list, I also designed a landing page on the website and set up analytics tracking to show campaign effectiveness.

PTS Coaching competition page design
Landing Page Design
Campaign Flow

To finally have a lasting impact, all sign-up's once given consent were added to our future marketing database. Adding to a growing list of brand followers.

In addition automated emails were set up to relay all future brand marketing, as well as any and all competition related communication.

PTS Coaching competition lead form design
Sign Up & Mail Marketing