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Wordpress Website Design


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    Coaching Psychologists
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    Digital Designer
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    Wordpress Website Design
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Prohuman Coaching Psychologists

Wordpress Website Design

Prohuman is a Psychologist run consultancy firm specialising in organisational, team and Individual coaching. In collaboration with Shari Brews we designed and build a website that beautifully showcases their capabilities in an inviting way. Shari supplied the UI design and my job was to tinker and build a site as close to her design as possibe. The end result was something engaing and lasting for a group of people looking to make a change.


Project Description

We're for People


With the initial UI design supplied, and my guidelines clear. I was tasked with coding, tinkering and building the final site to reflect the design guidelines.

There were some aditionals I had to add to the site, yet with the majority of the site design supplied. Making everything function was my main role.


In a collaborative effort, we made something that truly stands out. What is generally supplied as the design often doesn't translate perfectly on web.

With some tinkering and additional coding where required, I matched the supplied designs as close as possible. Adding my own personal touches here and there.


Prohuman Landing Page Design

The Prohuman Landing page design took some work to reflect the supplied artwork. With spacing adjustments to also seamlessly go across all screen sizes. Some custom css made sure everything aligned perfectly.

Prohuman Home Page Design Image
Prohuman Landing Page

More2u Landing Page

Prohuman has three seperate service offerings, the More2u Landing page focuses on private coaching and counseling. The supplied design was both beautiful and equally a bit more complex to translate digitally. With a bit of work, it came together perfectly.

More2u Landing Page Design Image
More2u Landing Page

WorkbyDesign Landing Page Design

The WorkbyDesign page has it's main focus on organisational coaching. Each seperate landing page was designed to be somewhat diverse and with that showcase it's own set of attributes. The final page complimented the supplied design perfectly.

my eLane Suggest a Merchant web page design
WorkbyDesign Landing Page

Online Bookings Page Design

In addition to the supplied design, client asked to implement online bookings. We explored a few options and concluded on a simple way for clients to schedule a call. The design allowed for each individual as well as for group bookings to be made easily.

Prohuman Online Bookings Page Design
Online Bookings

Contact Page Design

A simple yet neccecary page. The contact page showcases all relevant information. The form includes anti-spam protection, This was also linked to a Google Workspace account with email security i.e Dmarc, spf and DKIM records set up by me.

Prohuman Contact Page Design
Contact Page

Interactive & Animated

The website also sports a variety of interactive elements as well as on-scroll animations. This makes for a much more pleasing and engaging experience. The over-all immersiveness fully compliments the final design.

Prohuman Website Design Interactive Elements

SEO Optimisation

As is good practice concerning both future SEO efforts as well as general site use and user frendlyness. All pages were compressed post-build and optimised for faster loading times. This will result in lower bounce rates in the future and help elevate the final site and rankings.

Prohuman Page Speed results
Page Speed
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