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The Best in Mobile Ordering Tech

UI, UX and Web Design

Contracted to redesign the website for my eLane, a company who developed amazing technology that helps leverage restaurants. My role was to design a site that showcases the amazing software as well as the company and the massive amounts of effort that have gone into putting this unique technology together.


Project Description

Mobile Ordering made Easy


Tasked with creating a site that showcases both the company and the platform in a professional way, my objective was to create something that will last.

Shifting from the previous look-and-feel I had to completely re-establish the company and figure out how to showcase the brand and app in a modern way.


Perfection is the result of extensive effort. Not to say the build is perfect; However, it showcases effort. The end-result is a site that helps build a lasting brand.

With a complete rebrand, the site had to establish a brand essence; And showcase both professionalism whilst at the same time communicate the technology's capabilities.

my eLane mobile tech Web Design Introduction

Home Page Design

Establishing the over-all aesthetic, the home page serves as the first entry point for the website. This was designed to communicate the brand in an easy-to-understand way while also making it visually appealing and lasting. A clean design over-all that also has a sense of play to it.

my eLane website Home Page Design
Home Page

How it Works Page Design

The page is somewhat information heavy and required a design that visually communicates all the information in an easy to read yet visually appealing way. A showcase of how the technology functions and how businesses may make use of it.

my eLane How it works web page design
How it works Page

Suggest a Merchant Page Design

A place for individuals and companies to suggest a merchant that could use the platform. The page was designed with a merchant specific form to submit all relent information. Security measures were also implemented to assure no spam or bots flood the email address.

my eLane Suggest a Merchant web page design
Suggest a Merchant

For Businesses Page Design

A showcase of all the separate businesses that make use of the software. A page purely dedicated to the Unique selling point, and how companies can implement the software to better leverage their own personal business.

my eLane For Businesses Web page Design
For Businesses page

Contact Us Page Design

A simple yet appealing contact page. The page has a form for all general enquiries with the addition of security measures to help protect against spam and bots.

my eLane Contact Page website design
Contact Page

Website Optimisation

As is best practice will all professional sites looking to rank in most search engines. The site was fully optimized. With a site speed score of around 4-5 seconds, the fast loading times assure lower bounce rates and a much higher ranking in search engines.

my eLane Website Optimisation Page Speed results
Page Speed Score
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