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Digital & Social Media Design

Mercedes-Benz SA

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    Mercedes Benz SA
    Publicis Machine
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    Senior Digital Designer
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    Digital & Social Media Design

Moving towards

A world of Digital Design

As digital specialist, I was taken on as a private contracter by Publicis Machine to focus all my creative potential on digital, and social content design for Mercedes Benz South Africa. The job required me to not only focus merely on basic graphic design and image creation/editing, yet also required me to do some video editing, motion graphics, and illustration work. All the work showcased below went live and ran for the duration of the campaign.


Project Description

X-Class launch


As a small and agile team, we worked together creating all artwork for social & digital to launch the "at the time" brand new Mercedes Benz X-Class


The concept allows the campaign to stretch much further than the two current adds; A strong idea with "legs".

Mercedes Benz Social Content Design Image
Social Content

Canvas Ads

A great way to engage an audience.. While contracting at Publicis and working on Mercedes-Benz I realized the awesome potential of canvas ads. With the ability to create a fully immersive experiences without the need to leave Facebook. This in-turn, helped me see social media marketing from a whole new perspective.

Mercedes Benz Canvas Ads Design Image
Canvas Ads

HTML Mailers

Visually creating mailers, ready to be coded by simply slicing psd docs. This mailer helped add to the massive marketing push and create awareness on the soon to be launched car. I created similar launch mailers for the A-class and numerous other Mercedes-Benz specific products and messaging.

Mercedes Benz HTML Mailer Design Image
HTML Mailers

Project Description

Project One


An ad-hoc campaign we created to show homage to one of Mercedes's most powerful machines, the Project One. Tasked with generating the graphic components needed for all the seperate media types.


Aside from the visuals, I also designed a set of icons used on the Canvas ads. These were also taken across to multiple other assets within their current setup.

Mercedes Benz Project1 Webpage Design Image
Web page UI Design

Icon Designs

For a more immersive experience, the icons were designed for the Canvas ads. These were also used on the site and on other media types to promote the Project 1.

Mercedes Project1 Icon Performance Slider image
Mercedes Project1 Icon EQ Slider image
Mercedes Project1 Icon F1 Slider image
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