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Wordpress Website Design

Startup Awards Ireland

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    Startup Awards Ireland
    Art Consulate
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    Digital Designer
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    Wordpress Website Design
Web Design

Celebrating Ireland's Finest

Wordpress Website Design

A multi-faceted website designed for the National Startup Awards of Ireland. I was contracted as freelance digital specialist to craft a lasting site that showcases the best Ireland has to offer. An expansion of a previous site. The final design/build was scaled exponentially to allow for indipendant showcasing of each individual nominee and sponsor.


Project Description

Celebrating Ireland's Finest


I was initially approached to take the current content across and apply the recently refreshed styling.

I further took the initiative to build upon what was previously created. Rather than showcasing the pre-existing content, I expanded and crafted individual sections dedicated to each participant and sponsor.


The final result was a decently sized website that showcases all participating parties.

This further countributed a great deal towards the site's over-all SEO score, as well as established a platform that pays respect to all participants and sponsors. Creating a space to showcase rather than just to announce results.


Home Page Design

As the first point of entry, the home page serves the purpose of directing all users to the most relevant sub-pages. The design is carefully considered, serving as an enticing yet uncluttered showcase of the most relevant information.

Startup Awards Ireland Home Page Design Image
Home Page Design

Winner Showcase

The previous site used a purely text-based display of anouncing winners. I further expanded this to showcase each individual winner with a link through to their own personal bio. This greatly adds to the final SEO score and establishes a place where users could find out more about the company in question.

Startup Awards Ireland Award Showcase Design Image
Winner Showcase

Sponsors Page Design

Paying tribute to those who make it happen. In a similar fashion to displaying each awarded company, I created a space to pay tribute to each sponsor involved. A space where we can go into more detail about the main driving force behind the awards and hopefully drive traffic to the relevant channels.

Startup Awards Ireland Sponsors Page Design Image
Sponsors Page

Startup Stories Page Design

Replacing the classic blog. I reformatted and reworked interviews done with some of the awarded and respected companies.\ Serving as a platform where they could share insights and further establish their voice within the industry.

Startup Awards Ireland Startup Stories Page Design Image
Startup Stories

Page Speed

Having a decently sized website is one thing. Having a decently sized website that loads at lightspeed is another. One of Google's main SEO factors is Page speed. After optimisation, the website showed significant promise. Clocking a whopping 95% for load times. This is a significant feat for any CMS based website.

Startup Awards Ireland Website Page Speed results
Page Speed
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