International Call Center Solutions Website Design

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Establishing a

Digital Footprint

Website Design created for ICCS, an International Call Center Solution.

The initial task was to generate a simple revised logo design, re-establish brand assets and finally take all elements crafted into a digital space. Establishing an initial footprint.

The resulting design pleasing and relatable back to the brand's over all service offering.

Digital Designer
Web Design
ICCS International Call Center Solutions
3 days

What went into the Design?


My objective was simple. Establish a new brand to become a sub division of an already strong infrastructure. Task with the initial brand setup and assets. Getting a quality site up is what makes the diffirence

Assuring all brand elements come together in unison, and helps set the platform for digital success. The site equally showcases a level of quality and uplifts a not-yet-known company from the get-go.


Using Wordpress as the build platform, I designed the site as a single page scroller. In an attempt to hone in on marketing efforts and drive any and all initial paid media to the main landing page.

Using only one page meant a simple to navigate, easy to market platform.
With that, optimisation is a highly important factor. With a single page, many sections and elements. The site scale and load times were also brought down to less than 4 seconds on all major site tests.