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Wordpress Website Design


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    International Call Center Solutions
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    Digital/Web Designer
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    Wordpress Website Design
Web Design

Establishing a

Digital Footprint

A Wordpress Website Design created for ICCS, an International Call Center Solution. The initial task was to generate a simple revised logo design, re-establish brand assets and finally take all elements crafted into a digital space. Establishing an initial footprint. The resulting design pleasing and relatable back to the brand's over all service offering.


Project Description

International Call Canter Solutions


My objective was simple. Establish a new brand to become a sub division of an already strong infrastructure. Task with the initial brand setup and assets. Getting a quality site up is what makes the diffirence

Assuring all brand elements come together in unison, and helps set the platform for digital success. The site equally showcases a level of quality and uplifts a not-yet-known company from the get-go.


Using Wordpress as the build platform, I designed the site as a single page scroller. In an attempt to hone in on marketing efforts and drive any and all initial paid media to the main landing page. Using only one page meant a simple to navigate, easy to market platform.

With that, optimisation is a highly important factor. With a single page, many sections and elements. The site scale and load times were also brought down to less than 4 seconds on all major site tests.

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