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Hattingh & Deysel

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    Hattingh & Deysel
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    Digital/Web Designer
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    Custom Website Design
Web Design

Elegance is the basis of Trust

Custom CSS & HTML Website Design

Hattingh & Deysel are profesional Tax Accountants that focus on offering company, and personal tax management. With over 30 years of hands on knowledge. They required a Website Design that accurately showcases their abilities. The site design formed part of a bigger brand refresh. This included logo design & brand assets that finally combined to form a sleek and impactful brand.


Tax attorneys & Accountants

Corporate and Clean Design


The aim of the website overhaul forms part of 2 key objectives. The first of which was to design a site that reflects the new brand refresh. The second objective was to showcase the brand in a profesional, and elegant way.

The resulting site is both small and versatile, and equally a depiction of quality and profesionalism.


To retain versatility, and keep the site as small and quick to load as possible, the build was done in HTML5, CSS3, and JS5. This made for only the neccecities being loaded.

Once run through numerous speed tests, the site made for a load time of under 3 seconds to render fully. This establishes and amazing starting point for any growing brand.

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