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Celebrating 10 years of

Innovating the industry

A social media campaign created to commemorate First National Bank(FNB) for innovating the digital banking world in South Africa for a full decade. A milestone that showcases consistent focus on growth and delivering quality service.

I was tasked with creating designs that hold up to the scale of the milestone and equally retain the brand's essence.

A final compilation of intriguing, and timeless imagery.

Digital Designer
Graphic Design
Valiant First National Bank
4 days

Celebrating App Innovation


Briefed on the design of visually appealing social media content that celebrate, and accurately showcases a massive milestone. A celebration to commemorate First National Bank for for their awesome efforts at innovating mobile banking in South Africa.

In collabiration with Valiant Agency. We generated a month's worth of content that celebrates each individual app feature. Accurately shocasing areas of excellence in a fun composition.


Taking into account the platform that needed to be communicated. And the features that needed to be showcased.

The artwork brings digital to life. A grand showcase of how the features interact in our daily world. Each tile a representation of innovation. The resulting creative is a merging of digital and everyday life.