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3D Modelling & Rendering

Digital rendering, albeit time consuming; Shows massive potential for brand growth. It opens up a world of possibilities once done. Of that... Setting up a product shoot digitally as well as 3D bottle animations that greatly outshines most competitors.

The main driving force behind the direction was ease of use and application that eleviates many issues with a proper product shoot. Should content be required in a specific setting, the renders can be exported at all angles to accomodate the concept.

Designer/Art Director
3D Modelling & Rendering
6 days



setting up a shoot has it's advantages. When faced with a startup that can't afford shoot after shoot to get a collection of brand assets. My direction was simple...

We create the products digitally and use the final renders when product needs to be either comped or animated. At first, 3d modelling takes a good amount of time. The long term benefits of having photographs ready at the click of a mouse is immediately obvious.


These renders formed part of the products displayed on the site, an initial campaign with product specific animations and finally applied to the social media templates designed for brand specific content.

Through it's remarkable ease of application, the renders act as a sure-fire way to always assure product shots are at the ready when needed, no matter what the medium.


A combination of future thinking coupled with digital know-how means a brand future-geared for success. With our unmistake-able direction towards a predimonantly digital era.

Having assets that are computer generated is a pretty big deal for any company.