Pendoring Print Award Campaign Ouma Rusks

Ouma Rusks Print Advertising cover Banner
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Dip 'n Ouma...

Hoe dip jy joune?

Ouma is a South African rusk made from a traditional buttermilk recipe. A well-known brand especially in the Afrikaans circle. Before we get into it though, I would like to give a massive shout-out to my ouma, who braved the winter weather to actually pose for the shoot.

This campaign got me and my copywriter a silver pendoring award early on in my career.

Art Director
Ouma Rusks
(AAA School of Advertising)
1 month

Dip 'n Ouma


A proudly South African ad campaign, drawing on the Afrikaans language as the main driving factor. The human-truth behind the overall concept is that each person has a unique way of dipping their Ouma rusks.

This also extends to wordplay on the word "Ouma", which in Afrikaans means Gran; and "dip" which means to dunk. A more direct translation would be "How do you dunk your Gran".


The concept allows the campaign to stretch much further than the two current adds; A strong idea with "legs".

Both adds were set up and shot by me with some photo manipulation and retouching. These were submitted to the 2010 Pendoring awards and won us a silver student award.